Nate Good – Live (Prod. by ScottyMuzik)

Here is another high quality hip-hop track from the Virginia native Nate Good. If his song “You & I” didn’t convince you to pay attention to him, “Live” is here to slap you and demand your attention. With a smooth instrumental serving as a background to Nate’s lyrics, “Live” accomplishes its originality through simplicity. Nate’s clever lyrics will pick you up and take you for a ride, so get ready.

Download: Nate Good – Live (Prod. by ScottyMuzik)

Drake – Too Much (Chu. Rework)

Earlier this month I featured another “Too Much” remix that was from Unlikely Futures and way back in October I was obsessed with another “Too Much” remix from Jus-Stone. I think this one takes the cake. The bass that Chu. incorporates into this rework gives off a feel-good, relaxed, dope vibe. Sprinkling in Drake’s lyrics here and there is the icing on the imaginary cake I previously mentioned. Take five and jam to this. Enjoy.

Download: Drake – Too Much (Chu. Rework)


Victor Niglio Remix Pack

Over Easter weekend this incredible remix pack was released. It features five of Victor Niglio’s tracks and they got revamped with more bass, nastier synths, and terrifying drops. Out of the five, I would have to say that the NGHTMRE remix of “Jiggy” is my top choice. It is like a sequel to “Booyah” and the grimy drops and sounds just leave me wanting more. The electro house remix of “Booty Monsta” is a close second because of the first drop. It is simply terrifying and it shook my desk when I played it over my speakers. Each remix is available to download, enjoy!

Download: Victor Niglio feat. Mr. Man – Jiggy (NGHTMRE Remix)

Download: Borgore & Victor Niglio – Booty Monsta (David A #1DAFUL Remix)

Download: Victor Niglio & Junkie Kid vs. NU.F.O. – Shed Some Blood (STFU)

Download: Victor Niglio – Jager (Jake Sgarlato Remix)

Download: Victor Niglio – Elvis (ak9 Remix)

Steve Aoki – Rage The Night Away (Ft. Waka Flocka) (Viking Breakdance Remix)

Viking Breakdance’s newest remix is anything but calm. I’m not a huge fan of Waka Flocka but he sure knows how to hype up a track. The sample is mixed perfectly as the intensity builds up to the drop and once it drops, it drops hard. Grab this song below and throw it on that party playlist.

Download: Steve Aoki – Rage The Night Away (feat Waka Flocka) (Viking Breakdance Remix)

RL Grime x What So Not – Tell Me (GANZ Flip)

RL Grime and What So Not’s anthem “Tell Me” was one for the history books. The song is a masterpiece and it had me wanting RL Grime to do some more collaborations (I still hope this happens). GANZ just released this unofficial remix of “Tell Me” a mere four hours ago and damn is it good. The original is definitely a banging track that would rock any house party. This is a chill version and it is simply awesome. Enjoy!

Download: RL Grime x What So Not – Tell Me (GANZ Flip)

CTB Exclusive Interview With The Chainsmokers

The EDM community has been flooded with tons and tons of talent in the last decade. Names such as Tiesto or Avicii have become ingrained with our culture. In the last year or so Alex and Drew have been kicking ass and taking names. Generating tons of great remixes including Say Lou Lou’s “Julian” and their original track “#SELFIE.” With an amazing portfolio of music it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that people starting paying attention to the duo and have already performed at two of the largest music festivals: Ultra and Tommorowworld. I recently had the opportunity to interview The Chainsmokers and I jumped at chance.


Alex and Drew, when you are looking for songs to remix, what are some of the things you look for in a track?

  • We have to like the track. We won’t work on projects that don’t interest us. Generally, we see an opportunity to put our own spin on it or take the track in a direction it wasn’t going in. Cool use of instruments is always a plus, and also working with artists we admire.

You recently performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, tell us a little bit about that experience.

  • Ultra is basically the epicenter of dance music. It represents a major time of year for the genre and artists involved. So to be a part of it is really special. To hang out and meet the guys you have listened to for so long and then perform in front of fans that are so passionate about the genre; it is an incredible energy to feed on.

Who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese or a corn dog?

  • Grilled cheese as long as it was cooked correctly…

Tell us your best story from touring and being on the road.

  • You can never talk about the good stories, it’s too soon. It is like crimes and the statute of limitations, after a certain amount of time we can talk about the wild shit that happens.

Other than making kick-ass music, what do The Chainsmokers like to do?

  • We love to just chill and watch tele, having a good meal is everything. Skiing and wakeboarding, we do like to party, sex is fun etc…

Celebrity crushes?

  • Cara Delevinge and Emma Roberts

A lot of people are criticizing the culture EDM has created, what are your thoughts on that issue?

  • People criticize everything. There will always be two sides to every story, its fine, let them be negative, we aren’t going to waste our energy being concerned about what people have a problem with. Dance music is great to some and the enemy to other people…Whatever…

What is a typical day in the lives of Alex and Drew like?

Everyone has that one guilty pleasure song, what is yours?

  • Taylor Swift – 22

Is there a Chainsmokers album or mixtape in the works?

  • Yes, there is non-stop Chainsmokers’ music in the works. We release a remix about every two weeks and are working on some really exciting collaborations.


I’d like to give a quick shoutout to The Chainsmokers for taking the time for this interview.

Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

It has become routine for me to be on the lookout for a new Chainsmoker remix every week or two weeks. The duo is riding the wave of success and loving every second. Ultra 2014 was a huge step for them and I can only imagine what the future holds. This remix of Neon Trees’ hit is mesmerizing. With great builds and captivating electro synths I am going to chalk this up as another winner. Enjoy!